Delta 9 - 2.0

Delta has released a new line that really raises the bar. The sleek battery is a little pricier than most, but it’s designed to optimize your smoking experience and comes with a lifetime replacement warranty. It has a pre-heat setting when you push the button twice rapidly. Allowing the oil to warm before taking a hit really makes a difference. The pull is smooth, you may not even notice until you’re blowing out the smoke. Another incredible feature is that the battery’s color will change when its power is too low to keep burning at the optimal voltage. Charging the battery takes a short forty minutes and the charger it comes with is has a soft rubber exterior with magnetic ends. It’s extremely sturdy, making it a perfect match for the hefty glass cartridges Delta 9 released along with it.

The 2.0 full gram cartridges are beautiful. The thick glass holds golden oil around a strong center coil. The CO2 extracted oil has no PG (propylene glycol) and is thoroughly tested at SC Labs. The results are listed on the back packaging, informing patients of its THC, CBD, and CBN content, and the results of pesticide, microbiological, and residual solvent testing. The line offers Jack Herer and OG Kush for unflavored cartridges, and Strawberry AK, Monkey Berry, and Grape Ape for flavored cartridges. They also carry a 5:1 CBD cartridge perfect for soothing the body and mind, while allowing the user to remain clear headed and functional. The flavored cartridges of the 2.0 line are infused with natural terpenes and are far less intense than their predecessors. The flavor is muted, eliminating the sugar rush you can feel when smoking sweet Deltas. The oil is so light on the lungs, allowing you to enjoy your medicine without coughing up a lung. The cartridges and battery are perfectly fitted to each other. The voltage on the battery is exactly right to get the most out of this oil, but the cartridges are equipped with 510 threading and will fit most mods.