Medicated Kombucha

Kombucha has taken the health food scene by storm. Tea is fermented with bacteria and yeast to create an incredible elixir rich with antioxidants and probiotics. This drink has numerous medical benefits, helping prevent diseases, aiding the digestive track, and helping fight depression and anxiety. The reasons to add kombucha to your diet are extensive. Because the drink is already working so hard to clean the body’s system, when it is combined with cannabis the result is crisp and clear.

The cannabis being absorbed through the small intestine with the probiotics provided by the kombucha creates a euphoric, full bodied, but clear minded high. Cannabis is often combined with sugary treats, causing our bodies to react to the other products we are introducing to our system. When ingesting medicine with something meant to increase your overall well-being, the high is unique and will have you thinking twice next time you reach for a medicated cookie.