Smoking Trends of 2017: Shine Papers

Shine Papers were first developed in 2014 by a group of friends after being inspired by a night out in Sin City. After smoking 24K gold wrapped cigars inside a Las Vegas nightclub, the group of friends came up with the idea of making gold rolling papers to consume cannabis with.

After countless attempts and tinkering with products, the friends developed the first ever 24 karat gold rolling paper. The papers are made of edible gold, so they are 100% safe to consume, just like using any other rolling papers- but much fancier!

Each purchase of Shine Papers comes with a certificate of authenticity to ensure you are getting an authentic 24 karat gold purchase.  Overall, the Shine papers are a high-quality product! The Shine papers are very easy to roll whether you are a novice or expert personal joint roller.  

Additionally, Shine papers burn quite slowly and evenly so you get to enjoy your whole session from start to finish without any hassle. Another awesome thing about rolling papers made from 24k gold; the golden ashes! 

These papers do come with a price tag, usually running $20 for a two pack and up to $60 for a 12 pack! More of a blunt smoker? Not interested in paper planes? Well, Shine also makes a woven 24k gold wrap for all you Blunt Heads out there! All in all, Shine papers are an excellent gift, or perfect for a special occasion!