420 Christmas! Top 5 Gifts for Stoner Men!

Top 5 Stoner gifts for men:

Looking for a gift for that special stoner in your life? You could go the traditional flower route, but, where’s the fun in that? If you’ve ever stepped foot in a dispensary, you have probably seen the unique and novel products lining the shelves- needless to say, ganjaprenuer have really been getting creative with their products! Unfortunately for us male cannabis enthusiasts, many of these products are geared for use by women. Really, when have you ever seen a guy use a rose scented bath bomb or menstrual relief rub? Don’t get too disappointed guys, there are in fact some cool products anyone can enjoy. With Christmas literally right around the corner it’s time to step up the gift giving for the stoners in your life, especially that special guy! Here are five ideas that every stoner guy in your life will love!

1. Marley Natural Hemp Seed Body Wash: Marley Natural has recently become known for their high-quality flower and potent little vape cartridges, little do many know, their line of products also encompasses some pretty rad smoking accessories and hemp based topicals. One of my favorite new products by Marley Natural is their Hemp Seed Body wash.This body wash is designed to “energize your body while indulging your body in a revitalizing cleanser.” The body wash is comprised of hemp seed oil, coconut oil, and has notes of eucalyptuses and ginger. This body wash will leave your skin balanced, refreshed and feeling hydrated! Perfect gift for anybody!


2.  Apothecanna Extra Strength Pain Crème:  Apothecanna Extra Strength Spray is the perfect post workout relieving cream! Whether it be after an intense cardio session or weight lifting workout, Apothecanna can relieve a ton of your aches and pains! This extra strength cream is double strength, fast acting and perfect for all skin types! Formulated with all-natural ingredients, this crème contains: Arnica, anti-Inflammatory Peppermint, Stimulating Juniper, and antiseptic components. This crème is fast acting, cool, and relieving, making it the perfect gift for any person who leads an active lifestyle! Especially the active stoner male!


3. Rove Brand Vape Pen: When it comes to cannabis vape pens, Rove has been setting the standards for years. All their products contain 100% California grown cannabis from their trusted small-batch farmers. They use liquid carbon dioxide (CO2) to extract all the cannabinoid-rich oils and then refine them using heat and pressure. The simple but masterful process Rove uses, sets itself apart from the pack. Rove brand vape pen is the perfect discrete vaporizer your stoner man has been looking for! Perfect for the gym, school, or literally doing activity that deserves a discreet toke Rove brand comes in half and full grams and has over 10 strains to choose from.



4.Concentrates: Cannabiotix: Cannabiotix is a concentrate brand based out of Northern California with operations in California and Nevada. They deem themselves as “a group of cultivators and extractors who are dedicated to bribing the finest meds to the patients’ community.” Cannabiotix is best known for their flavorful Live Resin shatter and crumble.  Raising the bar for other concentrate manufacturers, Cannabiotix has built a reputation for being potent and clean. No more overpaying for sub-par concentrates.With Strains like White Walker, Strawberry Lemonade, Summer Twist, or AMF Sugar Cannabiotix is sure to have your stoner guy’s favorite flavor. Whether it is Dabbing, Vaping, or mixing it with regular flower, Cannabiotix is the way to go for a Christmas concentrate!


5. CAPE Pre-Rolls: Cape Farm Pre-Rolled Joints are perfect for someone on the go! These are farm grown in California and use nothing but the highest quality flower around! Every single batch is lab test and is 100% flower, meaning the joints for not contain trim or other waste. Each pack comes with 4 grams of sun-grown flower, divided into 10 joints. Each pack contains a detailed explanation about the farm your flower came from, its lab testing information, and tasting notes. These pre-rolls will make your Christmas even more merry- especially after you smoke one!