A Stoner's Guide to the Holiday Season!


With Thanksgiving as the prelude, it’s officially time to kick off the Holidaze! Legalization is right around the corner, making this holiday season extra special for stoners all over the state of California. This year, the cannabis world saw on abundance of advancements; from high terpene cocentrates, insane smoking accessories, to fancy-pants infused gifts sets, and much more! There is no doubt that cannabis users will not be short on options for how they can enjoy an elevated holiday! Whether its cuddling up on Christmas with a cozy cup of infused coco, or sparking a 24k gold joint up with friends on New Year’s Eve; there are tons of ways to elevate your Holiday! Not sure how to infuse your holiday season with cannabis? Here are some tips and recommendations to the perfect infused holiday.

Christmas Day elevated cookies! Your favorite holiday tradition, elevated! Who didn’t love leaving cookies and milk for Santa when we were younger? Well this year, let’s hope your house was one of Santa’s last stops, because we’re throwing him a curveball with medicated cookies!

If you are interested in leaving Santa some medicated cookies, you have two options; store bought or homemade. If you’re going store bought, there are numerous cannabis edible companies to choose from. We recommend: Korova, Dr. Norms, and Kaneh Co. All those brands make extremely high quality and potent products, perfect for elevating your (and Santa’s) Christmas Day! If you want to start a new tradition by making homemade cannabis cookies, you’ll have to infuse butter (or coconut oil) or buy already infused butter from companies like Bohemian Budder and Bud-Barber, which are carried here, at Universal Collective!

Stocking Stuffers: Another holiday tradition- stuffing those holiday stockings with small-but potent- infused goodies! Traditionally, a Christmas stocking is filled with a  small and practical gift; a pack of gum, maybe some chap stick, lotion, or any number of other toiletries and products you could have easily bought yourself at Rite-Aid. Well this year, it’s your chance to show off how creative and thoughtful stoners can be! Don’t just stuff the stocking with all those lame things, spice it up a bit! For your favorite stoner the perfect stocking consists of: 1) 1 gram of your favorite flower from your local shop 2) Shine rolling papers  3) Lighter..or two (because we lose them all the time) 4) Clear Eyes 5) BREEZ CBD mints. Viola, your stocking stuffers just stole the show!  

Ringing in the New Year: The 2018  countdown welcomes in the new year, but more importantly, this year’s is the count-down to recreational and legal Marijuana in California! This is the year to have an all cannabis New Year’s celebration! Instead of having the headache of having a bunch liquored people in your place celebrating the year, imagine having your closest stoner friends, with an amazing vibe, the highest quality cannabis products trending from the year, and amazing munchie food going around!

By Emir Pasalic

Edited By Danielle Van Lerberg