Kush Queen Bath Bombs- Product Review!


It’s that time of year again; we have entered the holiday season and are gearing up to say farewell to 2017. Coming out of such a politically exciting year, it’s safe to say, we are all a little bit stressed out- especially if you lived 2017 as a woman!  What better way to decompress and gear up for a new year than with a traditional relaxing pass-time, taking a bath.  Now, just imagine that traditional relaxing bath being elevated to 420 levels. Well, Kush Queen has the perfect product for you, the Kush Queen Bath Bombs.

Founded by Olivia Alexander, The Kush Queen line of products includes topicals, pre-rolls, smoking accessories, and apparel. The Kush Queen line was a spin-off brand from her original company The Crystal Cult, which specialized in vapes and luxury cannabis accessories. Now, Olivia Alexander has become one of the most influential social media figures in the cannabis industry and a beacon for the online community celebrating women who love cannabis.

The Kush Queen bath bombs were made for users to experience 100% relaxation. The bath bombs are hand-made with the finest ingredients, including, essential oils and lab tested cannabis. Th Kush Queens Bath Bombs come in four distinct categories that are specifically designed to help with a certain ailment. They also include varying ratios of CBD and THC. The bath bombs are organized into these four categories: Relax, Relieve, Sleep, Awaken.


1.       Sleep: This bath bomb was made for people who are seeking “rest.” The sleep bombs are blended with organic citrus reticulata, organum majorana, and lavender essential oil. The bath bomb comes in a 1:1 ratio of 25mg THC and 25MG CBD.  This is perfect for a night cap!

2.       Awaken: The awaken bath bomb was designed for people who are looking for that extra kick to get the day started off right! Awaken bath bombs feature peppermint essential oils. These bath bombs are specifically made for energy. Get ready for your day the right way! These come in 1:1 ratio of 25mg THC and 25mg CBD.

3.       Relieve: These bath bombs were specifically made for people who are experiencing pain. Relieve bath bombs are perfect for post workout, running errands all day, or even just unwinding after a long shift. The relieve bombs are blended with: Organic clove bud, sweet birch, rosemary, black pepper, and coriander seed. Relieve bath bombs are perfect way to lay back and feel refreshed! The bath bombs come in a 1:1 ratio of 25mg THC and 25mg CBD.

4.       Relax: Relax bath bombs were made to uplift one’s mood! We all know the stresses of everyday life sometimes get the best of us, and when they do Relax bath bombs are perfect for someone to get that uplifted feeling! Relax bath bombs are blended with Lavender, chamomile, and frankincense oils for mood enhancement! They are available in 1:1 ratios of 25mg THC and 25mg CBD.

Written by, Emir Pasalic 

Edited by, Danielle Van Lerberg