The Sloth Bar

Sloth bars are wonderfully potent sweet treats. The bar is available in two flavors, lemon and chocolate toffee, and delivers high potency with 100, 200, 420, and 1,000mg munchies. These bars are made with solvent free oil and deliver a real punch. Despite the high levels of THC, these confections surprisingly lack the common medicated taste. Sloth Bars received an honorable mention as best new comer at the 2016 High Times SoCal Cannabis Cup. These scrumptious squares were actually found to have higher levels of THC than reported on the packaging.

            The high from a Sloth Bar is definitely a heavy one. It produces a strong relaxing effect on the body and is cerebrally sedating. Medically, these bars would greatly help those struggling with insomnia or severe body pain that keeps them from sufficient rest.

            Personally, I’m the type of edible user who will down my dose as fast as possible to avoid the distinct weed flavor present in most medicated snacks. This was the first edible I found myself truly enjoying for its flavor. Just make sure you keep your extra doses out of reach for when the inevitable munchies set in. That is, if you don’t melt into your couch first.