Expert Advice: Glass Curing Your Flowers

The road to a beautiful bud is a long one. It’s well known that the highest THC strains are the most in-demand by medical marijuana patients/recreational cannabis users, and therefore they fetch the most amount of money in dispensaries. King Tut is one of the most powerful sativa strains to date, with a THC percentage of 25% to 30%. Considering the average THC level in weed is 18.7% in Colorado’s recreational market (based on a study from 2015), it’s no wonder high THC strains like King Tut are so popular.

If you want to know how to increase THC levels in the weed you grow or how to increase the potency of weed, we have a great cannabis growing tip for you to consider.

Our advice of the day is for you to try glass curing your flowers over other curing methods.

After the rigorous caring of a plant throughout its lifecycle, the work is far from over. Once cut and dried, often by suspending the fresh cut branches upside down in a room with constant indirect airflow, curing is what really shapes the aromatic complexity of flower. There are quick drying methods using dry ice or heat, but they quickly deplete the taste and potency of the flowers. So if you want to know how to make weed potent, you have to be ready for a process that requires a lot of patience in order to produce the most pristine nugs.

Glass and ceramic jars work best to keep the bud airtight. The jars need to be kept at room temperature, and away from light sources. Each jar should be packed full with buds to limit the amount of oxygen present. For the first week, jars should be shaken and left open for a few minutes every day. Halfway through the first week, it’s good to empty all the jars into a larger bowl, mix up the different batches, and re-jar them. This will more evenly distribute the larger nugs that hold more moisture in their middle. The idea is to coax the moisture out slowly; if pulled out too quickly, the buds can mold. During the second, third, and any subsequent weeks of curing, jars should be shaken and popped open every few days to allow the flowers to breathe. The slight decarboxylation helps to turn some THCA into active THC, increasing the potency of the flower as well. A proper glass curing process can literally boost the quality of your buds and possibly produce the most potent weed you’ve ever grown.

Over the course of these three to four weeks, the smell will start to transition from that of fresh cut plant matter, to that of the stinky buds we know and love. The curing process allows trichomes to mature and chlorophyll to convert to sugar, giving flower its pungent aroma. Herb matures much like a vegetable or fruit, ripening over time once picked. It’s not an easy process, but you have to be willing to play the watchful waiting game if you want the best from their plant.

If you’re looking for more cannabis growing tips, cannabis flowering tips, and ideas on how to get bigger buds, stay tuned and check back often as we’ll be updating our blog with more expert advice!