How to Counteract A High That's Too Strong

Personally, I am not a huge fan of blunts. I smoked cigarettes for many years, but I was never one to mix tobacco with marijuana. The combination often left me feeling light headed, dizzy, and uncomfortable. As I got older, I became tolerable of blunts. If the wrap was flavored I could get through one easier, but the tobacco always left a strange feeling on my tongue from holding in the hits. I found myself taking tiny tokes by the end because it always felt so harsh.

If you’re like me, you’ll be asking yourself how to come down from your high when you’ve taken one too many hits (or just too large of one hit will sometimes have the same effect for me). The best and most important advice I can give you about the fastest way to come off of weed is to not panic. The strong effects of smoking cannabis usually subsides rather quickly, so there’s no need to have a panic attack. Give yourself some time to calm down before you freak out and start googling all the ways on how to stop being high from weed.

Another good tip on how to stop a marijuana high would be to know your limits before you consume, and smoke only high-quality products – that way you never end up taking in too much smoke. When people smoke lower quality flowers, they often end up inhaling more – which can end in smoking too much. And don’t ever feel pressured to smoke more than you can handle, because the anxiety from over smoking is not worth looking cool for a few seconds while you’re inhaling.

If you’ve already smoked too much and simply can’t keep yourself from panicking, another way of how to stop your high would be to find something to distract yourself with. Whether it’s taking a walk, watching a funny sitcom, snuggling up with your significant other, or playing a video game – any of these activities should help drive your brain to a happier, more positive place.

Now that you’ve heard me talk about all the ways to stop being too high from smoking, I’d like to introduce a product that’s smooth as butter and has never steered me wrong when I smoke the right amount.

I recently tried a beautiful pre-rolled blunt by Foreman Farms, and it was incredible. This premium blunt is rolled in palm leaves, creating an extremely smooth pull. The high quality flower is lined with concentrate, making the concoction inside a perfect twenty to eighty percent ratio of wax to flower. Not only was this smoking experience top notch, it was completely affordable. I highly recommend giving one a try, you will not be disappointed!