Strain Highlight Basics

If you are a newcomer to the cannabis community, you may have found yourself lost in a conversation with a budtender who is using strain names to describe the effects of flowers on their shelves. Here are a few common cannabis strains that are extremely recognizable to those working in the cannabis industry.

JACK HERER is a sativa known for its buzzy, energetic sensation. It is also often linked to fighting anxiety.

GREEN CRACK is a sativa known for its energetic kick as well as its mood lifting effects.

SUPER SILVER HAZE is a sativa known for its focus-driven high.

BLUE DREAM is genetically a hybrid, but is a staple strain on sativa shelves. It’s known for its euphoric, mellow, yet uplifting effects.

GIRL SCOUT COOKIES is an indica dominant hybrid known for its relaxing, but functional effects.

GORILLA GLUE #4 is an indica dominant hybrid known for its body couch lock effect. Cerebrally, the high is fairly active, but many patients reserve this strain for home.

BUBBA is a strain known for its extreme pain relief and sleepy nature. This is a good strain to help put you to sleep at night with body relief and cerebral heaviness.

GRANDDADDY PURPLE is an indica that isn’t known for its cerebrally heavy high, but instead is known for its relaxation and pain relief effects. Purples are incredible for the alleviation of discomfort.

SKYWALKER is known for its heavy body effects, but allows the consumer some time before it becomes so cerebrally heavy that it them to sleep. This is a good strain for staying in and watching movies or playing video games.