Kiva Confections

Kiva is an edible company that has been consistently producing potent and delicious edibles since 2010. They offer an array of dosages across chocolate bars, bites, and mints. Their slick packaging is clearly labelled with milligram dosing and how the edible is scored inside.

Full size bars are available in milk and dark chocolate for a 60mg dose, and dark chocolate blackberry, vanilla chai, tangerine, and mint Irish for a 180mg dose. They also offer two bars with a THC + CBD split. A dark chocolate ginger bar provides 120mg of both THC and CBD and a dark chocolate espresso bar offers 60mg of each. The full size bars are dosed into four mini squares, making it easy to find your proper dose. If you are only looking for a little bite, the milk and dark chocolate is available in 15mg single packets, and the other flavors are available in 45mg singles.

Kiva also makes an incredible edible called Terra Bites. These scrumptious little goodies are chocolate covered espresso beans or blueberries that are only 5mg of THC a piece. The entire tin contains 120mg, allowing the consumer to enjoy them over time. The espresso beans give a nice kick of energy and the blueberries provide a relaxing body high.

Lastly, Kiva makes Petra Mints. These mini breath fresheners are perfect for micro-dosing. Each mint holds 2.5mg of THC, and the entire tin holds 105mg. Available in Eucalyptus and Moroccan Mint, these on the go edibles are perfect for any occasion.