Increased Quality in Disposable Vape Pens

Disposable vape pens are an easy and discrete all-in-one option for medicating. They contain CO2 oil that doesn’t carry an odor, the mini cartridge and battery are built into the same mechanism, and there’s no complications of buttons or charging. Sadly, it has been the case that with increased ease comes decreased potency and quantity. Most disposable vapes hold about a quarter gram of oil and reach around 30% or 35% THC. This compromise is often necessary as the oil used in full cartridges is too thick to burn on such low powered batteries, and filling them with more oil risks the battery running out of life before the cartridge runs out of medicine.

Luckily, a few vape companies have begun to overcome this roadblock. Remede disposable vape pens hold a full half gram of golden solvent-free oil. The battery has enough spark to burn oil at a high potency of 80 to 85% THC, and there’s an array of strain options ranging from energetic Sativas to sleepy Indicas. Remede also offers a recycle program for used disposables, which is a rare find these days. These sleek pens are a perfect option if you desire quality, quantity, and simplicity.

Another company whose disposable pens match their cartridges in potency, taste, and smoothness is Bloom. Their disposables reach around 70% THC, their oil is perfectly flavored with natural terpenes, and the battery doesn’t overheat the oil, allowing it to remain unaltered in quality. It’s great from the first puff to the last.