Many of us are creatures of habit. We find a strain that works for us, we like how it makes us feel, and we put our faith in that name, trusting that we will always experience the same medicinal and psychoactive benefits when smoking it. Unfortunately, many patients have discovered that effects can range drastically from batch to batch, or grower to grower, making it hard to find consistent medicine at times.

Cannabis farming company Canndescent has been a pioneer for moving away from strain specific names, and instead genetically splicing to get very specific effects.  They are a highly respected company that produces impeccable flowers, ensuring no pesticides and only organic nutrients reach their plants. Once cut and cured, the flowers are trimmed in a delicate and meticulous manner. These crystal laden buds generally test above 25% THC and smoke very smoothly.

Flowers are available in:

Charge – a body stimulant of a sativa. Perfect for work outs.

Create – A mellow, creative sativa. Perfect for art, work, and general happiness.

Connect – A social sativa dominant. Perfect for a night out with friends, or a more intimate evening in.

Cruise – A functional indica dominant that will leave you feeling relaxed and groovy. Perfect for hanging at home or cruising around.

Calm – A pain relieving, sleepy indica. Perfect for relaxing your body and drifting off to sleep.

Each batch of flower is kept separate from the next, much like alcohol. This prevents cross contamination and helps keep effectual variation at bay.