Varavo makes high quality CO2 vaporizer cartridges as well as potently delicious chocolate bars. Strain specific Indica, Sativa, and Hybrid oils are available in both 350mg and 700mg cartridges. The oil is additive free, third party tested, reaches levels of 70% THC, and is packaged into child proof bottles. Varavo doesn’t add back a ton of terpenes, so the flavor is fairly subtle and reminiscent of the flower it originated from. These oils are fairly low viscosity and don’t need much power to vaporize.

Milk, dark, and white chocolate bars are available in strengths of 50mg, 200mg, and 500mg. These confections are made with C02 oil, making them potent, but keeping the medicated flavor to a minimum. Not only are these chocolates strong, they are extremely affordable.