Strains to Aid Depression

Many people struggling with depression turn to cannabis for help. There are strains known to decrease anxiety and increase euphoria, proving extremely useful in the fight against depression. Whether you’re looking for cannabis to add a little pep to your step, to keep you calm and functional, or to help relax you to sleep, there are a multitude of options fit for every need.

If looking for a Sativa to provide a boost of energy and happiness, here are a few good strains:
Silver Haze provides a more focus driven cerebral high. There is a definite kick of energy, but it allows you to remain clear minded.
Lamb’s Bread is an energetic sativa that is known to spark positive thoughts.
Strawberry Cough provides a cerebrally euphoric uplift.

If you're looking for a Hybrid to keep you centered and calm, but won’t cause you to become tired, here are a few good strains to look for:
Jilly Bean provides a euphoric, creative, and social high.
Platinum Girl Scout Cookies was born when OG Kush was crossed with Durban Poison. The combination provides extreme pain relief for both the body and mind. This strain provides a long lasting body high.

If looking for an Indica to help relax or a heavy hitter for sleep, here are some strains to check out.
God’s Gift is a strong purple flower that provides deep pain relief and a long lasting relaxation that can help send the mind to sleep, but won’t put it there before it is ready.
Blackberry Kush is a good creeper. It’s known to provide pain relief to the body and expand in heaviness as the high progresses.
Northern Lights is a strain that can provide an array of effects depending on how it’s treated during the grow cycle. The classic Indica version provides an immediate euphoric high while quickly relieving any tension in the body. This combination of euphoria and muscle relaxation helps relieve depression and anxiety.
Kosher Kush provides a heaviness perfect for directing a patient to sleep. This quick sleepy hit is perfect to wash away any negative thoughts.

No matter your needs, cannabis can provide a reprieve from the pain of depression. Ask your patient consultant to explain what roads you can take to begin your journey towards feeling happy in your mind and body every day.