Tree Base

Tree Base offers cartridges and dablicators filled with extremely potent distillate. This heat extracted oil is clear, sometimes appearing to have a light pink hue, and offers a strong hit of THC with cartridges testing around 82% and the dablicator around 92%.

The cartridges have a light citrus taste, but Tree Base makes a point of not adding anything to the oil, including terpenes, in order to avoid any possible negative reaction. The oil in the dablicator is viscous, holding with shatter like consistency when put on a tool.

The complete lack of flavor takes a little getting used to if you’re someone who loves your terps like I do, but the immediate cerebral rush and body high is worth it. You don’t need much to get the job done, so go at it slowly, but definitely try it. The medicine Tree Base provides is clean, strong, consistent, and at the top of its game.