Dr. Dabber

Amongst concentrate users, electric rigs and nails have gained increasing popularity. They offer a consistent heat source, perfect for successive dabbing or a specifically desired temperature. The Dr. Dabber is just one of many options when it comes to choosing an electric rig, but it’s an incredible one. This easily portable set up comes with a standing battery, glass water attachment, three nails (quartz, ceramic, titanium), a magnetic dab tool and carb cap, rubber containers for concentrates, a charger, and a keychain. This all fits neatly into a hard case lined with foam to protect your piece. There are two heat settings, found by pushing the button three or five times, and the nail will maintain its highest point of heat for about twenty seconds. Not only is this particular e-rig easy to use and clean, the hits you’ll get won’t feel as harsh on your throat, and the flavor profile of your concentrate will truly shine.

In my personal experience, this company has very good costumer service. They are easy to get in touch with and are generous with their costumers, often replacing broken or damaged pieces or sending extra swag with replacement pieces. They also have a plethora of attachments that can be swapped out for the glass piece it comes with. Apart from additional accessories, they also offer special edition cases that come with more perks.