Loud Pack

Loud Pack is a company that has built its reputation into something fierce. They are a force to be reckoned with in the concentrate world, providing patients with potent and delicious meds.

Their live resin shatters are a clear gold and hits are extremely smooth. The flavors are really what sets Loud Pack apart from other concentrates. The terpenes come through so strongly that you can smell what it will taste like the moment you open the paper. If kept cool, the live resin will remain stable; if left out it will likely start to sugar, bringing the flavor up a notch. Loud Pack runs with the big dogs at cannabis events and competitions, always bringing their tastiest treats to try.

They are also the makers of the powerfully strong 710 King Pen, offered in both half and full gram cartridges. These CO2 vapes are consistently filled with light gold oil that pulls like a dream. The oil isn’t too viscous, making it usable on lower powered batteries, and the strain variety runs from heavy indicas to energetic sativas. A few puffs off these cartridges will have you happily lifted.