Stoner's Guide to A Universal Day - Part One

 photo credit: carlos.c.ascencio

photo credit: carlos.c.ascencio

by Brenden Leigh

So you've got a free weekend, no overtime to put in, a full tank of gas and you just got paid.  What is a young, stoned socialite to do?  This blogging mini-series will explore the area around Universal Collective hopefully inspiring you to get out there and do some exploring of your own!

After I woke and got dressed for the day, my friend Matt and I decided to make a concentrate bowl: flower with a bit of wax on top.  (My specialty and a personal favorite.)  Once I began to make the bowl, I realized I barely had enough wax, so we hopped in the car and off to Universal we went!

My budtender showed us some GREAT concentrates (ps this is the place to go, they have TONS of options.)  I went with the Nativ Flower Rosin, and Matt chose the Juicyfruit House Crumble.

After properly medicating back at the house, we caught an uber to Universal Studios and spent the day at Harry Potter World.  With the help of our lovely concentrates, we felt like we were IN the movies!  The shows were lively, and dinner at the Three Broomsticks was amazing.  We left after dinner for showers and a quick change of clothes, smoked another concentrate bowl, then came back to City Walk for more.

First, we hit the Crepe Cafe for a stoner snack.  (The savory crepe is the TRUTH!)  After we finished, we made our way down to Saddle Ranch, where we ended the evening with a bang.  I think Matt may have even gotten on the mechanical bull!

We enjoyed our day, thanks to our talented tender.  Every time I go, the staff is friendly, and I always get exactly what I came for.  I encourage you to check them out and to go make your own adventure!