Mother's Day at Universal Collective - Cannabis Dispensary in North Hollywood

Choosing the right gift is a true talent, and now you can at least pretend you have that gift with Universal's Mother's Day Gift Guide!  Below we have chosen the top 3 items that we believe would be the best gift for the mom in your life.  Take a look at what the best weed shop in studio city has to offer!

These guys have made a big splash here at Universal, and it makes sense since they provide premium, pre-packaged joints!  What better way to spend mother's day than lighting up a fatty with the parental?

If any company does edible dosing right, it's Kushy Punch.  While many would shy away from edibles for mom keep in mind that these can be microdosed, and are GREAT for any body pain, aches or soreness.  

New to the Universal sales floor, Spliffin pre-packaged flower has been rocking the crowd!  High THC yielding buds offer pungent aromas and a stony high that will remind her of the 70's!  (TBH, this stuff is better than what your mom smoked back in the day.)  Try some and put your mom on the new!

No matter what you choose, your mom comes first and deserves to take a load off.  Come visit our weed shop in north Hollywood and get your mom something she can use this year!