by Brenden Leigh

Every two years, you should get your eyes checked by a vision professional.  Last month marked 4 years for me, so I went for a vision checkup and a new prescription.  As my doctor asked me to stand and read the extremely tiny letters off of the wall, I realized...I could actually see them!  It was then my doctor told me that my vision has improved.  I wondered what could cause such a change, and wondered at the possibility of cannabis being the culprit.  (After all, I was not a smoker at the time of my last eye exam! )  So home I went to do a little research, and you will be surprised at what I found:

Your eye is made up of many optic nerves that are consistently active.  As you can imagine, with extended use, strain, or lack of sleep, inflammation within these nerves can occur.  One of the most vicious forms of this is Glaucoma.  Cannabis can lower the high amounts of ocular pressure by doing what it has always done best: being an anti-inflammatory!   [1]

While there are tons of miraculous reports online, accompanied by several herbal doctors, there is not too much in the medical community that supports these claims.  One report from CNN states the complete opposite, but at the same time claims the testing upon which they drew their conclusions was too unstable.   [2]

Can cannabis cure your failing eyesight?  Too many variables are up in the air with our beloved plant to tell.  Even still, there are reports of new uses for cannabis hitting daily.  As for me, my prescription was a -2.00 and is currently a  -1.50: a whole 50 points improved in both eyes.  I am not saying cannabis did it, but I am saying that it is the only thing that is a new variable in my life.  I will let YOU be the judge.

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