Alternatives to Traditional Pipes & Bongs

Have you ever broken your bong, or just got tired of looking at the same pipe all the time? Today we’ll be talking about different things you can use for smoking, and homemade ways to smoke weed using regular household items.

One of the interesting pieces you can smoke marijuana out of is an asymmetrical porcelain pipe, which has taken social media by storm this year. The geometric shape of these pipes bring a modern edge to traditional smoking instruments, so not only can you enjoy your cannabis out of it, you can look at something cool while smoking too! (Pictured in this post is the hand cast, USA made porcelain pipe by Stonedware Company.)

If you’ve ever found yourself grimacing as your throat tripped over the harshness of a blunt or joint, the blunt bubbler is something you should look into. It’s the tiniest, most adorable contraption, often with a small hook so you can hang it from a necklace or lanyard, which is perfect for stoners who are prone to dropping and breaking glass. You fill the chamber with a small amount of water, place or hold the pre-roll in the larger opening, and use the carb as you would on a pipe when inhaling. It makes anything you smoke ten times smoother. As someone who didn’t favor pre-rolls in the past, whether it be blunts or joints, this little trinket has changed my outlook on them.

If you want to find a different way to smoke weed without using a pipe or bong, you can always try smoking with things you have laying around the house. By now, you’ve probably read or heard about using fruits and vegetables as an alternative to the standard smoking apparatus. You’re probably also familiar with another popular homemade smoking method: tearing out paper from books to roll joints (the thinner the paper is, the better).

But I bet you haven’t thought of an even more creative way to smoke weed: by building your own ice bong! This can be done with just a few household items, such as bowls of different shapes, a frying pan that’s flat on the inside, a screwdriver, a fire/heat source, and a couple of other things you might already have. Check out this tutorial for full instructions on how to make a cool bong out of ice. I think it might just be the best homemade way to smoke weed, because not only do you get the satisfaction of building your own bong, the ice bong will also help cool down the smoke and soothe your throat and lungs when you inhale. If you do try your hand at building your own ice bong, I’d love to see your comment on how it turned out and whether you enjoyed the process!