Cannabis Infused Topicals

Have you ever wondered why different strains of cannabis makes you feel different effects? It’s because there are many chemicals in weed, besides just its most popular active ingredient: THC. This psychoactive component of marijuana can get you “high,” but did you know that THC can also help fight nausea, neuromuscular pain, depression, and so much more?

Beyond these benefits, there are also other psychoactive chemicals in cannabis such as THC-V (which helps maintain energy levels) and CBN (which has sedative effects that can help with insomnia).

If you’ve always thought that all the chemical properties of marijuana are psychoactive, you’ll be surprised to learn there are actually non-psychoactive cannabinoids too!

An abundance of information is bubbling forth on the incredible uses of the non-psychoactive cannabinoid in cannabis, CBD. Many patients seek it out for its anti-inflammatory, anti-convulsive, antioxidant, and neuro-protective properties. It targets the source of chronic pain by reducing negative reactions in your body. It’s even known to reduce the anxiety and paranoia sometimes associated with the vibrant high of THC. A large number of people are drawn to the aspects of cannabis that offer medical relief without the mind altering high, but you may find that one targeted pain relief option actually works better for you when THC is in the mix.

Cannabis infused lotions, oils, salves, and bath bombs have taken the market by storm. When used on the skin, cannabinoids do not penetrate the blood circulatory system, so they won’t produce a typical high. One may feel a sense of relaxation, especially when using a bath bomb because it is prolonged intake through all, including the more sensitive glands in the body. When used topically, CBD offers strong anti-inflammatory aid, but many patients are finding that their pain persists when they use products containing solely CBD. If this is the case, it may be because the targeted alleviation isn’t stimulating the endocannabinoid system enough to offer strong pain relief as well. THC and CBD have a multitude of benefits on their own, but they are stronger when they work together, as both CB1 and CB2 receptors are activated. It can be useful to explore the different ratios available, knowing that you will not suffer psychoactive repercussions when medicating this way.

If you enjoy cannabis for the high it gives you, you’ll certainly enjoy all the other benefits it can bring to your life. Next time you’re at Universal Collective, ask one of our friendly staff members about cannabis strains with other chemical properties besides just THC, so that you can see just how much healing power is in this wonderful plant!